Andrew Zimmern and USA TODAY talk sustainable seafood

General  |  Posted on June 2013

Sustainable Perfect Protein dish

It seems the idea of searching out the perfect protein of sustainable seafood is catching on! The recent USA TODAY Green Living special publication included an article on sustainable seafood using the apt metaphor of Captain Ahab from Herman Melville’s “Moby Dick.”

As Dan Friedell, the article’s author writes, Ahab represents both the selective fishing method of harpoon fishing as well as the insatiable lusting after scarce, high-value fish. This emphasis on select species, such as the blue fin tuna mentioned in the article, is part of the problem.

Andrew Simmern, host of “Bizarre Foods” on the Travel Channel, speaks up for encouraging more consumption of smaller fish:

“If we could eat two more or three more meals a week from the alternative protein bucket that includes small fish with the head on it, octopus and a whole range of seafood, we could self-correct the horrific damage we’ve done to our food system in America

Adding (emphasis added),

We’re going to lose species, wetlands, manageable oceans, so many things, and I think one of those things is going to end up getting everybody’s attention and create the social movement necessary for real change to happen.

This kind of discussion is just what we’re hoping for with “The Perfect Protein.” The beauty of this problem is that it is solvable.. We simply need to get policymakers to manage fisheries better, leading to healthier oceans with less bycatch as well as more seafood protein available worldwide! And, it will help if we all eat more small fish.

We’re very happy to see Zimmern, USA TODAY, and other environmental organizations joining the conversation. The more we all push for better fishing practices, the brighter our oceans future will be.



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